Dual fitting system

is an innovative dry system for laying large floor slabs (minimum recommended format 60x60 cm,thickness 1 cm).
The DUAL FITTING SYSTEM provides adhesion between the slab and the support surface using a special blanket covered by a special adhesive applied on both sides.

The DUAL FITTING SYSTEM does not require the use of traditional cement-based adhesives for laying the slabs, hence it is possible to walk on the finished floor immediately since the drying times and dust produced by the operations are both eliminated. This exceptional characteristic makes it particularly suitable for application in environments where laying must be carried out quickly and with low environmental impact.
- 15 m2 (1 rolls of blanket)

similar support surface conditions to those needed for laying with adhesive are required. The surface can be: Tile floors, marble or wood pre-existing; cement screed or concrete; resin floor, linoleum or PVC uniform. As long as the characteristics described below exist:

Check the suitability of the support surface in advance: The surface must be stable, must have already undergone the drying shrinkage process, must be resistant to loads and suitable for the intended use, must be dry, clean and free from loose parts (dust, oil grease, wax, paint and anything else that could affect adhesion), free from cracks and perfectly flat Laying:

Remove the white protective film based on the slab dimensions, then lay the slab, without exerting pressure, according to the required layout; Once verified the correct position of the slab, apply pressure on it, manually or with a special tool.
Continue to position the other slabs, making sure they are spaced with the spacers (provided in the kit).
Once the slabs have been laid, it is possible to walked on top of them immediately after installation. The part of the blanket without the protective film must not be stepped on or soiled prior to application of the slab. Once the laying process is completed, apply the elastomeric grout in the joints with the special acetic silicone sealant provided in the Dual Fitting System kit.
The accidental bumpsand impact can cause damage

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