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Posa pavimenti

Tile laying on anti-fracture membrane

• Specifically for cancelling out cracks, joints and chases in the substrates
• It compensates for hygrometric shrinkage stress in uncured substrates
• Allows any laying design
• Practical and fast, immediately accessible to foot traffic

I nostri sistemi di posa

  • Laying of thinand large size tiles
  • Tile layingon anti-fracture membrane
  • Tile laying in areas with heavy traffic
  • Tile laying on existing tiles and natural stone
  • Tile laying on screed with heating/cooling system
  • Tile laying on terraces and balconies
  • Ceramic laying in damp environments and showers on cement-based and gypsum substrates
  • Posa ceramica su membrana antifrattura impermeabilizzante
  • Tile laying in swimming pool